Riverdale Park, Maryland


The town known as Riverdale Park, MD has become synonymous with corruption and fraud. Riverdale Park has significantly abused segments of MD 410 (East-West Hwy.) by placing speed cameras along this route for revenue-generating purposes. Additional roads that pass through Riverdale Park and that may be subject to revenue-generating speed cameras include MD 201 (Kenilworth Ave.) and US 1 (Baltimore Ave.)

In 2012, it was discovered that Riverdale Park fraudulently issued thousands of speed camera tickets because these tickets were not even signed off by a police officer! Instead, other Riverdale Park town employees overstepped their authority by bringing it upon themselves to issue these fraudulent tickets. Riverdale Park is clearly home to a culture of fraud and corruption!

If you are the victim of speed camera fraud in Riverdale Park or any other jurisdiction, we encourage you to explore legal resources. You may be able to receive some type of remedy for your fraudulent speed camera citation, and legal action will ensure that this type of fraud is not tolerated. The law firm of Byrd & Byrd LLC, which is not affiliated with this website, has filed a lawsuit against Riverdale Park regarding the speed camera fraud that took place there.

Riverdale Park is one of many municipalities that abuse highways passing through their jurisdiction by using "speed traps" for revenue. In urban, suburban, and rural areas alike, small towns and cities frequently drop the speed limit as drivers enter the city limits and vigorously enforce the limit. The purpose of these "speed traps" often has nothing to do with legitimate concerns about the safety of drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Quite simply, the purpose of these speed traps is to generate revenue for small municipalities that have a major highway pass through them.

When possible, we advise local drivers to avoid travelling through the Riverdale Park area, and to refrain from doing business there. Google Maps provides a convenient map of Riverdale Park's boundaries so drivers can know where to avoid. Remember, even if you are not speeding or running red lights, speed cameras and stoplight cameras are still prone to errors! We advise all drivers to look at websites such as speedtrap.org for more information about these abusive revenue generators.

Additionally, we advise drivers to contact elected members of the Maryland General Assembly to express your concerns regarding these matters. If you do not live in Maryland, we recommend you contact your local/state elected officials to express your concerns.

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